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Can you guys believe it’s the end of November…ALREADY?! Aside from feeling like it was just Halloween, I feel like I just paid rent and that’s what gets me the most! HA! It was quite the shocker when I realized I better hurry up and get rent in the mail…yikes!


Were any of you Black Friday shopping yesterday? I have to admit that after years of working in coffee and/or retail on Black Friday, it’s nice to not have to work it and deal with all that craziness. And while a part of me wants to become a hermit crab and stay inside, another part of me can’t help but want to get in on some deals. But then I’m reminded of the madness and all the people out there, and aside from a few errands and a trip to the gym, staying home sounds like a good plan. (Well, that and a show for work in the evening!)

seven things saturday

With that, let’s catch up a bit Seven Things Saturday style:


1. I keep saying “holy bananas!” I’m not sure why…I’m also not sure if it’s brilliant or totally dumb. I’m assuming it’s the latter.


2. Some people may think the best part about working from home is being able to wear your pajamas…well I object! The best part is being able to dance/hop around when you find music you really enjoy.


3. Okay so pajamas are nice sometimes too but honestly, I’d rather take a shower and put on a cute outfit featuring yoga pants. Poor Amanda, just wouldn’t approve of my wardrobe lately. 😉


4. Clearly, I’m not the most fashionable person. I’ve never tried to claim my fashionista ways so I think it’s okay but for Thanksgiving I dressed up a little bit and thought I looked really cute. I had to take an old school selfie to document the moment. Sorry, not sorry, these moments don’t come very often.

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 9.52.02 AM

5. I will never be one of those girls who can paint there nails a new color every other day. It’s such a pain in the butt.


6. One of my favorite things to do while laying in bed before falling asleep is play sudoku and solitaire on my phone. I swear it makes me smarter!  Please don’t tell me otherwise.

My dad finishing his first 5k at the turkey trot in under an hour + he has lost nearly 60 lbs - so proud of him!

My dad finishing his first 5k at the turkey trot in under an hour + he has lost nearly 60 lbs – so proud of him!

7. I have some incredible friends and family doing some incredible things. But what really gets me choked up is when they tell me that I’m inspiring them to do those incredible things. Seriously, it’s one of the greatest feelings. I am so blessed.


Did you go Black Friday Shopping today?

Side note: Today is Small Business Saturday, so if you’re going to go shopping today, support small, local businesses! 🙂

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  1. Calee

    ahhhh you work from home? I’m soooooooo envious of you. I miss working from home. The best part about working from home is to be able to take breaks to do the stuff you need to do at home (groceries, dinner, workout, clean, etc.) … and also the not having to get ready every day is nice, but not because I would rather be in PJs, but because you get an extra hour of your day (sometimes 2) back. It takes me forever to wake up in the AM. I used to just hop right into work when I got up in the AM and start logging my hours. Ah. I want that again.

    1. admin Post author

      It’s nice at times but it doesn’t come without its struggle. It’d be nice to have a designated office where I could go to work and feel like I can “shut the door” and be done. I also sometimes feel like a stay at home mom since I have a roommate and she has a dog and that sucks…just because I work at home doesn’t mean I want to your stupid dishes!

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