Sexism, Ageism & Raising He!!

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I’m on FIRE!

Sorry people but it’s at that point! I’m having such an exhausting and frustrating day, I can’t even explain it. And really I can’t. Because some of what’s bothering me, I’m not allowed to know. I wasn’t supposed to see. But I do. So let me just say this:

The fact that sexism and ageism occur so strongly in our world really pisses me off!  Especially when it comes down to a persons ability and responsibility, I just don’t understand it. It has me fuming.

THEN I get to the gym after work and they have the womens locker room roped off. Why? Because the male cleaning guy is in there. I understand that he can’t and shouldn’t be in there when women are changing but you close at 8 PM and it’s nearly 6:30 so you don’t need to clean yet. So I go to the desk to ask about it and the two behind the desk just stare at me. Then the guy goes “what are you in a hurry or something?” and the two laughed, to which I responded “actually YES! I just got off work and you close soon!” I felt like screaming. I mean, are you kidding me?! I’ve never seen you before so you have no right to make that sort of comment, even if it was a joke. We have no relationship for me to know you’re joking. AND have you ever heard of customer service?!  I come here often enough that I hope one of the AM or afternoon managers would take my aggravation seriously because I do plan on complaining. Grrrr.