Sing As If No One Is Listening: My Tattoo Story

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I was thinking about something the other day…When I got my first tattoo, it was this small treble clef on my left hip; it was my daily reminder that music is a huge part of my life and that regardless of where life takes me, not to lose that escape. It may be a small tattoo but the meaning is quite large.

As for my second tattoo, I was living in LA and had been dreaming it up for quite some time. I always loved those old 50s-style condenser microphones but for awhile I didn’t know where I wanted it or how to make it extra meaningful and impactful.

sing FB

I decided to wrap the microphone with words, but the question became which words or lyrics were what I wanted permanently on my body. Then it hit me.

Sing as if no one is listening.

You may recognize it, from this quote:

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,

Love like you’ll never be hurt,

Sing like there’s nobody listening,

And live like it’s heaven on earth.”

― William W. Purkey

Of course, it could be related back to my days of singing…practicing in the practice rooms in the basement of my dorm, knowing very well that they weren’t fully sound proof, hearing all of these amazing musicians in the rooms around me and feeling like I didn’t quite meet the same bill, but with that said, it does also extend well beyond that, and continues to do so to this day.

sing PIN

“Sing as if no one is listening” is a reminder to be myself, to be authentic, and to stop caring what others think. When we do that, we hold the power to be who we want to be, to pave new paths and reach new heights.

When I actually sing as if no one is listening, my voice has power, confidence and I’m able to hit notes that otherwise are significantly more difficult to hit.

It is because of those reasons and those daily reminders, that no, I will not regret the changes I made to my body when I got my tattoos. It’s not to say that others won’t, but that’s my tattoo story and it’s one I’m happy to share.

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Missed my confession? Here it is.

Do you have tattoos? 

Do they have a more significant meaning to you?

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22 thoughts on “Sing As If No One Is Listening: My Tattoo Story

  1. Scott

    Hi, thanks for the story! Normally people get the same old tattoos everyday, picking them from a catalogue without knowing anything about meaning. What do you think about custom made tattoos? Thanks

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  8. Jennifer @ Fit Nana

    I love that! I have quite a few tattoos myself and they’re all mostly family related – every single one has meaning. My favorite, though, is my first one – a vixen on my back. Whenever I start to have those negative self-image thoughts, she always has my back. 🙂

  9. Lecy | A Simpler Grace

    I love this! I love when someone takes something that means so much to them and permanently puts it on their body. There is no greater reminder than looking in the mirror every day and seeing a tattoo. Thanks for sharing your story!

  10. Crystal // Dreams, etc.

    I love your tattoo and the meaning behind it. I don’t have any tattoos but I’ve thought about it before. I think if I get one I’d probably end up going to town and getting a bunch. I’d like to get a cross, because my faith is important to me. I’ve thought about getting something to represent my dog–like her paw print or something. And whenever I publish my first book I’ve always thought it would be cool to get a line of text from the book in script.
    Crystal // Dreams, etc. recently posted…Seeing Nature Art Exhibit // MinneapolisMy Profile

  11. Kimberly Hatting

    No Tats for me (yet)…..I’m a little fearful of the needles, but more so fearful of the commitment to having something permanent. Granted, I’d probably not regret it, and I would grow to love it even more after it was finished…but I’m such a perfectionist with artwork. I think I’d always be wondering if I could have found a “better” one (???). Maybe I should just quit over-analyzing and just do it, huh.

  12. Rachel

    Love it. I’ve been grappling with the idea of a tattoo for as long as I can remember. I’m too scared to make it happen, though. Lol.

  13. Kate Shelby

    Great to see when people have a true personal meaning behind their tattoos. I have one tattoo, got it when I was 16. My best friend, like a brother to me, was hit by a car. They said he would die and was due to be taken off life support. I had his name tattoo’s on my back. The tattoo artist told me my friend will pull through because with friends like me he would be fighting for his life.

    He was awake from a coma within weeks and up and walking within months.

  14. Scott

    Hi Katie, I believe that symbolic reminding of how strong the person is is very important. Actually people should select tattoo only if it means something to them and in the particular time of their life as this is a permanent reminder. “Sing as if no one is listening” is a really good choice. Moreover I recommend to go with a custom made design as it will be only yours and no one will be having it. But it’s really hard to tell to people who making a tattoo for a sake of have one. Anyway stay safe and have a great day!
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