So much to say, yet so little

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Did you realize it’s possible to have so much to say yet not have anything to say?  Because that’s how I’ve felt the past couple days.  As a certain bad mood was lingering longer than welcome, I found myself wanting to write about those things.  But at the same time, I want to keep this blog upbeat, while still allowing you to witness my journey.  Because as I’ve said before, bad days come and go but the good thing is that tomorrow doesn’t have to be that way – you get to start fresh.
And so I did.  Each morning I started fresh.  And even if at the end of the day I found myself feeling a bit tired and cranky, I knew tomorrow would be a fresh start.  I also didn’t do any yoga last week aside from 20 mins Friday night.  That is not allowed to happen! Got it? You all are to hold me to my commitment to yoga!  We know it’s importance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and mindset, especially in my life!  I’m thinking I’ll go tomorrow after work – to start this week off right!
Speaking of this week, it’s going to be a crazy one!  With back-to-back launches (ie: iOS5 and iCloud, followed by iPhone 4S), work is going to be a mad house!  I’m doing the overnight shifts to prepare the store for both events, not to mention making sure my “normal” job is done and ready as well.  Really, tomorrow is it for me to make sure we’re in good shape and then it’s GO TIME!
Launches are exciting, energizing and definitely something to look forward to!  And I think we are all going to try to make this one of the best for Steve.
What’s really amazing is how each Apple Store across the globe has become this place for people to pay their respects to Steve.  Whether they come in the store to purchase anything or not, they’ve come by to show their respects and support for our company and the loss of an amazing person.  Several have dropped off flowers, candles, apples with bites taken out and notes.  While I had the day off today, several of my coworkers have taken pictures of artwork that was left at our store late last night/early this morning.  It’s absolutely amazing and I hope it’s something our store will be able to keep and hang in the back.