Some Event WODs That Have Kicked My Butt

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This is our busiest week yet, at least event wise with 50 States. We have 4 events this week and with some shorter turn-around time but I assure you, we’re not complaining. Aside from making a huge impact for our charity, we’ve also been able to get in a couple really awesome workouts!


We have today off and will spend most of the day driving from West Virginia to Delaware but then the next two days we’ll have our last two events until after the holidays. I know it’s a busy time for everyone so it’s been great that we’ve been able to find some boxes to let us hang out and host some really awesome events.

I haven’t been running quite as much this week but I think once we get past this weekend, I’ll be able to get in a few more runs. I’m definitely looking forward to it already. 🙂

Friday 12/12/14
Saturday 12/13/14
Sunday 12/14/14
3 mile run
Monday 12/15/14
Tuesday 12/16/14
50 high knees
10 downdog knee-to-elbow/side
25 situps
rest 1 minute
Wednesday 12/17/14
1k row
200m farmers carry
100 burpees
Time: 19:31
Thursday 12/18/14
15, 12, 9, 12, 15
Box jumps
Pull-ups/Bent-over Rows
Time: 14:21

How were your workouts this week?

2 thoughts on “Some Event WODs That Have Kicked My Butt

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