Something You Could Never Get Tired of Doing – Day 29

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I want to answer exercise for this, but honestly, I don’t think there’s nothing I never get tired of doing.  I mean stop and think about it for a minute.  There are a few things in this world I absolutely love doing: exercise, listening to music, playing an instrument/singing, hanging out with friends/family.  BUT everything hits a point that you need a break.  I get frustrated with my singing and playing guitar and need a break (or my vocal chords or fingers need a break).  My body gets tired and needs a day off from running, weights, elliptical, etc.  While we all love time with friends and family, eventually you need some “me” time.  In reality you aren’t tired of doing it, you just need to give yourself a break.  But I guess that’s my answer.  So deal!
Sorry yesterday’s post is coming out today.  Did you like how I did that?  I found time to post Sunday’s post yesterday but not time to post yesterday’s post yesterday?  Don’t worry, I fully intend on giving you yesterday and today’s posts today.  Yay! 😉
This death cold really took my out.  I missed three days of work, tried to go in that third day and was sent home TWICE (that must be a record!)  For the most part I’m feeling better as my body no longer feels like it’s been hit by a truck, backed up and hit again.  I can breathe through my nose MOST of the time, fever seems to have left, but I still have the most painful sore throat ever and spent the majority of yesterday coughing up a lung.  Gross.