Sparkling Watermelon Mocktail

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Do you ever come home after a long day and just want something special to drink? Sure, you could open a bottle of wine and pour yourself a glass but while I enjoy a drink from time to time, it’s not always what I’m in the mood for. Especially during these insanely hot summer days, I want something super refreshing and hydrating.

So what am I reaching for?

sparkling watermelon mocktail

A homemade sparkling watermelon mocktail!

Even better, this cocktail couldn’t be any easier, more refreshing and just what I’m craving.

All you need to do is freeze some cubed watermelon and grab a bottle of Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water. Put a few watermelon cubes in a glass and fill with the mineral water. It looks fancy, tastes amazing, and is the perfect after-work summer mocktail to enjoy on your porch or balcony.


While I have your attention, I wanted to make sure you know about a giveaway! Remember when I mentioned I’ll be participating in the Gerolsteiner #SparklingDetox? Well, we want you to join in too and because of this, Gerolsteiner is giving away a supply of water to 300 people just in time for the detox. If you want a chance to win, enter here!

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What is your favorite easy, homemade mocktail (or cocktail) after a long day?

Tell us in our Sparkling Detox Facebook group and get more inspiration here.

Thanks to Gerolsteiner for this collaboration in supporting others to live a healthier life and of this blog through product and compensation.

32 thoughts on “Sparkling Watermelon Mocktail

  1. Ashleigh

    Oh this watermelon mocktail look fabulous! I think I might have to make this recipe this weekend! Thank you for sharing this great drink recipe!

  2. Mia

    Mmm, this sounds so cool and refreshing. I feel like watermelon doesn’t get enough attention in beverages. 🙂

  3. Chrissy

    I love adding fresh fruit or veggies to my water. Have you tried adding a few slices of cucumber or any kind of berries, it’s so yummy and refreshing!
    I also have to agree with Sarah, a hot cup of tea can be very refreshing as well and they say that if you drink warm beverages you are more likely to sweat less instead of when drinking something ice cold.

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