Start Chicago Marathon Training & Weekly Workouts #32

I can’t believe I’m saying it, but this past Sunday started my 18 weeks of marathon training for the 2019 Chicago Marathon! Where did that come from?! This upcoming weekend is also my first Ragnar team relay run! What a freaking week, right? There are definitely some mixed emotions over here this week…excitement, overwhelm, nerves, inspiration, etc.

I received my training plan from Nike for Chicago and have been trying to make sense of it all. To no surprise, there’s a lot of running. ha! This is going to be one of those seasons when I need to listen to my body even more than usual to find the balance of running, strength, yoga, and cross training that works best for me. It’s also going to be time for me to recommit to mobility and recovery work. While I’m someone who truly knows and believes in a proper warm-up/cool-down/stretch, I’m pretty terrible about actually practicing it myself. Do as I say, not as I do, right? ha!

Anyway, I will say that I’m really proud that I’ve been making it to yoga again. Sure, it’s really only happening once a week but that has to count for something right now! I miss a more consistent student practice but I am hoping that with making it once a week and being consistent with that, I can soon make that twice a week. I know how important this is for me mentally AND physically, and maybe even more so now that marathon training is kicking in.

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I had a few people tell me recently they didn’t know I had videos on YouTube…😱 Did you know that I DO? My YouTube channel has guided meditations and yoga classes just for you! 🧘 Each Friday I put out a new video for you. Each month there is always a meditation, a pose breakdown (which I just started doing last month), and then some great yoga classes to choose to fit whatever you’re looking for that day! 🙌 It truly fills my heart with joy to be able to offer this to my friends, family, and community both near and far! As someone who has moved a lot and has friends ALL over, it’s a beautiful thing to be able to share this practice and hear what’s resonating. 🧘 Today I released a Present Moment Meditation and I would love for you to take (less than) 10 minutes of peace, quiet, and stillness for yourself today. When you’re done, come back and let me know how it went. Much love, friends. Namaste. 💜

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Monday 6/3:
Yoga at 6am

Tuesday 6/4:
LG W3/D3 – Pull
Progressive Overload Ab Circuit
(Plank: 1:24 / R: 0:55 / L: 1:01)

Wednesday 6/5:
30 minute easy run

Thursday 6/6:
LG W3/D5 – Glutes

Friday 6/7:
TIU Treadmill HIIT

Saturday 6/8:

Sunday 6/9:
3 mile run

How are you doing this week?

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  1. Eli@CoachDaddy

    You’re training enough for the both of us! But I need to do something. Offseason for soccer is a good chance to get back to me, but I normally don’t do a good job of that.

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