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Thanks for all of the support on Saturday’s race! They posted a few photos from Saturday’s events and I thought you guys might recognize someone…

2013-02-16_Winter Fest 2013-223-MI should start by admitting I’ve never been a big Rihanna fan; I could generally do without most of her music.  So before her performance at the Grammys a couple weeks ago, I wasn’t really expecting much.  I thought I’d watch it but didn’t expect anything; let alone to feel anything.


“Rihanna as you’ve never seen her before” <- That couldn’t be any closer to the truth.


This performance blew my mind; it’s so passionate, honest, painful, yet full of love.  Honestly, amazing.  Check it out.



Linking up to Katie’s MIMM because this song is pretty freaking incredible!


What song are you loving lately? 

Any surprising favorites?

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