Summer Bucket List 2012

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Yesterday I shared a song that could easily become the soundtrack for my summer – or at least one of the songs of summer. And speaking of summer, Janetha posted her summer bucket list a few days ago and I thought it was a great idea!  I like setting goals, I like making lists and I really like crossing things off my list.

1 – Go hydrobiking –  I’ve never been but Amy and I bought a GroupOn deal for this a couple months back because it looked like fun.  It also looks like someone will want to follow this klutz around with a video camera.  There are bound to be some priceless moments.

2 – Buy a new swim suit – You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you I haven’t bought a new swim suit since my freshmen year of college.  Well, it’s true.  Or at least I’m pretty sure it is.  I loathe swim suit shopping and it’s something I do my best to avoid every summer. This year, I’m bound to find something that I feel confident in and that can also be worn in the ocean. (Note: Tie swim suits don’t work for wave jumping!)

3 – Go to the beach – I know I live 6 miles from the beach. I know I work a block from the beach.  But truth is, I’ve only gone about 1-2 times per year since I’ve moved to SoCal.  So getting to the beach is on my list.

4 – Go Hiking – I love and need to do more of it.  Enough said.

5 – Read a book – Seems simple enough right?  Since finishing Harry Potter, I’ve had a hard time starting and finishing a book.  Goal set.

6 – Finish FitMixer bootcamp – We are 1 month in!  Unfortunately, I’m on a temporary hold with my spinal issues but hopefully I’ll be able to jump back in.  For now I’m sticking with my nutrition plan and calorie counting to keep me on track.

7 – Travel – This will be taken care of in just a few weeks as I head to Boston and then to NYC for Justine’s wedding.  Can’t wait!!

8 – Run a 5k race – I want to get my mileage back to a 10k distance so I can run a 10k, but since I’ve never run a race, I want to run a 5k as part of the training.

9 – See live music – You’d think this would be easier said than done because I’m just a music lover but I don’t go out as often as I’d like to for live music.  I’m bound to change that this summer.  I want to see some live music!

10 – Donate to Goodwill – I have a box sitting in my trunk with a few things and a bag in the bottom of my closet.  I also know there are other items I don’t use or wear but are in perfect condition for someone else to get some use from.

11 – Massage – I think this is well deserved.  And I can tell you my back agrees.

12 – Farmer’s Market – We have these year round and just like the beach, despite living and working so close to them, I always forget to go or my grocery days don’t fall on a Farmer’s Market day that I know of.  I need to change that!!

 13 – Wine tasting – Who wouldn’t want to relive this?

14 – Yoga – Since I’m doing Courtney’s June Yoga Challenge, this should be fairly easy, but it’s also doctor’s orders to do more yoga.  So, I’m going to do it!

What things do you want to do this summer?

13 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List 2012

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  2. Lori

    I know they are pricey, but Patogonia really do make some great two piece swim suits. The comments on them are that girls stated they could go surf boarding in them. Since you haven’t gotten a new suit in a looong time, it is probably worth investing in a great one. I really wanted to purchase the kupula top, but bought a dress instead (as I will wear that more often).

    1. admin

      I’m all for the running and while snorkeling sounds fun, I’m not a great swimmer so I’m terrified!

  3. Bree

    I’m going to nab some banana bread recipes from your latest post I think!! And how awesome is it when doctor orders you to do yoga? Very, that’s how much!

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  5. Miz

    I LOVE HOW ECLECTIC yours is!
    Id gotten so stuck with creating one but now I wonder if my definition of fitness was just too narrow!

  6. Lauren @ Oatmeal after Spinning

    Your list rocks! I’ve never even HEARD of hydrobiking, but now I want to do it!!
    I can barely see it- but I found me in that hiking pic! 🙂
    I never buy new bathing suits. I hate them. Even at my thinnest, I loathed the way I looked in one, because I want my tummy and upper thighs covered. That’s hard to find without looking like a grandma.

  7. Amanda @flecksofgreen

    Hydrobiking is so much fun! I haven’t done it in years, but i would gladly do it again! I think one of the top things on my summer to do list is going jet skiing. I’ve never done it before and have always wanted to!

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