Summer Bucket List Check-in

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First and foremost, I must share this video that popped up on my Twitter feed yesterday:


I swear, I freaking LOVE Nike.  Not just their products but everything they stand for.  Way to be a form of motivation and inspiration to be our best and strive for more everyday.

Anyway, I wanted to take a moment to check in on my Summer Bucketlist and I’ll be honest, I think I need to step up my game.

1. Go hydrobiking – accomplished! Amy’s birthday!

2. Buy a new swim suit – as scary as this was, done!
3. Go to the beach – I walked around the beach with Tracey while she was here.  We went to Venice Beach and walked the Venice boardwalk thing…I’ll never walk that thing again.  Ever.

4. Go Hiking – I live in an area with some cool places to go hiking, how have I not done this?
5. Read a book – I’m working on this one.  I’m in the middle of three…
6. Finish FitMixer Bootcamp – SO close!
7. Travel – Boston & NYC baby!

8. Run a 5k race – I’m actually thinking about signing up for a 5k in Orange County next weekend.  Well, if I can find someone to join me.  Or maybe I suck it up and go at it alone.
9. See live music – you would never know I LOVE live music by this…
10. Donate clothes and any additional items to Goodwill – Amy and I made a massive donation of several bags of clothes and purses along with my old TV
11. Massage – taking suggestions for cheap yet good places for massages
12. Farmer’s Market – this is just sad…
13. Wine tasting – this just makes me sad.

14. Yoga – I haven’t gone to a class but I have done a fair amount at home.  It should still count.  I’m going to make it count.  Yoga is yoga!

What do you still hope to do this summer?

10 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List Check-in

  1. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

    There’s still time!

    Of course, you can wine taste at home. That should count.

    After hiking a bunch up in the Adirondacks I swore I was going to finally take advantage of the great trails here in Virginia. Has. Not. Happened.

  2. Heidi @ Idlehide

    You’re killing your bucket list (in a good way, haha!).
    I’ve been picking at mine and it’s so much fun. One thing I am really hoping to still do is ziplining with my hubby later this summer!

  3. Jessie

    Your doing great so far. You still got some time 🙂 If I lived near you, I would so do the 5k with you!

    I have yet to try paddleboarding. I haven’t even made the attempt @ looking to see where It can be done at either.

    Have a great weekend girl 🙂

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