Sunday Confessions #17

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-The next person to say something along the lines of “at least you work from home so you can…” is going to end up with my foot up their ass.


-This isn’t actually a new confession. I shared this on Twitter & Facebook Thursday morning in an attempt to keep my sanity…or maybe warn the masses.


-Apparently my feisty-ness is well received.


-Despite my sassy nature & getting over a week-long cold, I’m very much looking forward to the holidays next week.


-But not until I get through a full workday on Monday..y’know that whole work-from-home workday…(careful & tread lightly…)

Yes, this is my office and yes, this is an extension of my bedroom.

Yes, this is my office and yes, this is an extension of my bedroom.

-But once I get through the workday, the holidays will be in full swing and there’s definitely some fun in my future with family & friends…and a few gifts I just can’t WAIT to give! πŸ™‚


-You didn’t think one of my confessions was going to be giving away what those gifts are, did you? Nice try, fam…


-Now, before I go, this isn’t really a confession per se but I LOVE my Ninja so I’m partaking in a contest with Ninja about why I love my Ninja Ultima Blender. I’ve never done a vlog and I’m really awkward on video, you’ve been warned.



-While the video is just about a minute and a half, there were 4 1/2 minutes of me in all of my awkward glory…there may have to be a bloopers video later. We’ll see. πŸ˜‰


What do you confess today?

8 thoughts on “Sunday Confessions #17

    1. admin Post author

      Hahaha, thanks, girl! It would definitely work a little better if I had a different background, maybe next year! πŸ˜‰

    1. admin Post author

      Haha, thanks, girl! I got my Mom & Dad one for Christmas and they’re definitely excited to start using it!

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