Comments Off on Sunny-Day
I like finding out when people read my blog.  And I like when they tell me how much they enjoy reading it.  It helps give me a reason to write each day.  Knowing that people are waiting and expecting new entries. 
It’s also a little weird though.  And I’m not exactly sure why because I write here knowing and wanting people to read it.  Expecting people to read it rather.  I enjoy checking out the traffic stats and seeing how many page-views I get in a day, week, etc.  I like seeing where my audience is located.  (Hi to the people in the US, Senegal, Malaysia, Denmark, Canada and Germany who have checked out the blog so far this week!)  That kind of information is so exciting and inspiring for me to see.  Yet, it’s still weird.
I could sit here and try to figure out why.  And in fact I did.  But then I decided to hit backspace for about a hundred words and stop.  Today it doesn’t matter why.  I am letting go for today.  I am choosing happiness.  
How could you not when it looks like this outside?  It’s a sunny day.