Sweet Nothing

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It’s been awhile since I felt really inspired by my writing, or maybe to write, or maybe both.  And then this weekend happened and as I sat in my bed on Saturday, I felt like my words were just coming to life and like I had a lot to say.  It was a truly marvelous thing.

IMG_0104To make it that much better, I was productive.  I was tackling my to-do list quicker than I was adding things to it.  I was writing emails and saving them as drafts until the appropriate time to send them, so that all I have to do is hit “send” when the time is right.  It felt amazing!

IMG_0093It felt like the world was responding to the energy I was putting out there and instead of it tiring me out, I found myself re-energized and looking to do more.


I found myself tearing down walls of insecurity or question and reaching out to my network because the least they can say is “no” or “I’ll let you know if I hear anything.”  Besides if you don’t say anything, you’re not even giving them or yourself a chance.

IMG_0098A little clarity is a beautiful thing.

Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 8.13.19 PM

So today I share with you a little more clarity:

So I put my faith in something unknown

I’m living on such sweet nothing

But I’m trying to hope with nothing to hold

I’m living on such sweet nothing

And it’s hard to learn

And it’s hard to love


Fitting isn’t it?



Happy Monday lovely people!


P.S. I got my ticket for the Blend Retreat and couldn’t be happier!! Who’s going?!

How was your weekend?

Any marvelous clarity to share?

4 thoughts on “Sweet Nothing

  1. Amanda @ Diary of a Semi-Health Nut

    Hiiii I’m going and will be sharing a bed with you. 😉

    I’m so happy for you girl! Attitude has to change before your life does, right? And you definitely seem to have a change in attitude and perspective!

    I definitely know what you mean by it doesn’t hurt to ask (basically). I have to keep telling myself this while I’m looking for a way to make money here. Wish me luck!

    I’m going to be praying that something awesome happens for you this week. Love you girl! <3

  2. KatieKatie

    LOVE this post because you sound so happy and so at peace! Put good energy out, get it back! <3

    I wish I was going, but being 8 months preggo that month might make it difficult 😉

    Happy Monday love ! <3

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