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The First 20 Days – #100HappyDays

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Since I’m busy boarding a plane and traveling to Boston today, I figured it was a good time to catch you all up on the first twenty days of the #100HappyDays project.  If you follow me on Instagram, I’ve been posting a picture everyday with a little description.  Today, it’s just a picture. Sorry but I must run. 😉 What’s… Read more »

Retail Therapy

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I’m a girl on a constant budget. That’s just how I am. I always feel like I’m living paycheck to paycheck, that I’m never saving enough and that I’m always spending too much (even when I’m not spending anything besides the necessities – rent, groceries, bills). But sometimes, sometimes, we all need a little retail therapy. And I don’t allow… Read more »


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Have you ever heard of 100 Happy Days? The concept is simple – 100 days, 1 picture per day of something that made you happy -could be simple, could be more complex.   I’ve seen it floating around social media for awhile with the #100happydays but never stopped to look more into it until last week and when I did,… Read more »