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Future Race Calendar

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I’m always happy when I can say I’ve been bit by the running bug.  I’m also always happy when I have a really amazing run after a not so great run, allowing me to better appreciate what my body is able to do.  And after an awful 2 miler Tuesday, I was so happy when I was able to run… Read more »

It’s So Hard When It Doesn’t Come Easy

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On Saturday, I ran my third 10k race.  I also ran the worst race of my running career. And for the first time, I found myself tempted to quit. But before we get to the details, let’s get to the most important thing – I did not quit, I finished and I remain thankful that I can run! So let’s… Read more »

Chi Town 10k Race Recap

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It all started the night before.  I guess I should know better but I’ve eaten pesto lately with (little to) no problems but that wasn’t the case.  I felt my stomach churn.  I should have known better.   Morning came way too soon.  It was early, I was tired, and my dinner proved to be troublesome.  My body just felt… Read more »