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Fitness Friday

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It’s been a weird week from wavering motivation to Thursday’s crazy headache but regardless I’m in a good place and ready to get back on track this afternoon.     So how did my workouts look this week? Friday 8/9 Rest Saturday 8/10 40 mins elliptical Sunday 8/11 20 mins Yoga Download – Heart Opening Flow #1 Monday 8/12 5.28… Read more »

Fitness Friday & LockLaces

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Except for when I’m sick, you’ve never seen me take so many rest days.  That just proves it was a huge week for me! A 1/2 marathon not only requires months of training but it requires rest before AND after and that was exactly what this week was about.  But I have to admit, I got the itch to start… Read more »

It’s Go Time!

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I seriously can’t believe it’s here.  I think I was in disbelief most of yesterday but regardless of whether or not I believe it, today’s the day.  It’s go time!   We made is to Springfield early last night.   I picked up my race bib, t-shirt and got a sneak peak at the awards for the winners.  (All I’m… Read more »

And We’re Off!

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And we’re off! Well not just yet but later this afternoon we will be on our way to Springfield so that I can run my first half marathon! To say I’m excited is an understatement. To say I’m nervous is an even bigger understatement. But hopefully the combination of the two will lead to a great adrenaline rush to push… Read more »

WIAW / Pre-Race Eats

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Thank you for your support on yesterday’s Sugar Talk.  But I do want to be clear, I’m not restricting myself from sugar entirely, I’m just going to watch how much and what kind I’m eating.  Not because I eat a lot of it (I don’t) but because of how it makes my body feel – the headaches and stomachaches are… Read more »

Good news! Fitness Friday!

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Good news! I finally got around to fixing my social media buttons on my sidebar!! So if you’ve been trying to be my friend, follow me, like me or stay connected, you no longer have to go on the hunt. They work! With that, won’t you be my neighbor friend? 😉   Good news! It’s FRIDAY!   I’m sure I’m… Read more »