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When Planking Isn’t Enough…

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Some of you may hate me for that statement. Well maybe not for that statement but for what’s to come because of that statement. But let’s be honest, when all is said and done, you’ll actually love me for it. Planks are one of the best things for your core – they work the WHOLE thing! But if we just… Read more »

Abs in April – Week 2

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I’m still planking! Two weeks in and I haven’t given up! 😉 Honestly, I’m pretty proud of myself. There was only one day that I skipped my planks which was strictly because we did SO many planks and ab work in hot yoga, I just wasn’t sure I had it in me to do one more plank. Listening to my… Read more »

ABs in April – Planks Week 1

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Has everyone been doing their plank-a-day for Abs in April? I HAVE! Please notice the face. It’s not my best, but it sure is amusing. 😉   Anyway, I have stayed consistent with my planks everyday and despite feeling like I could skip them on Sunday after we did a LOT of ab work and planks in hot yoga, I… Read more »

Abs in April – Core Workouts Week 1

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How’s Abs in April going for everyone? Funny thing happened…FitFluential started a plank a day challenge for April as well. I swear I didn’t know anything about it…but ironic, isn’t it?   Anyway, as promised, today is about sharing two core workouts you can do to supplement some of the PlankADay. The first is a new one I created just the… Read more »