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The Greatest Girls Weekend

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When I set out to attend Blend the first year in 2012, I went in knowing no one. I knew of some of the bloggers that would be there, but I didn’t actually no anyone. It was scary but I swallowed my nerves, stepped outside my comfort zone and had a great weekend. I met some amazing women that weekend,… Read more »

RxBar Love!

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We already know this, but I love traveling. I love packing up my things and setting out on my next adventure. I love location changes, scenery changes and people watching. I love seeing what else this crazy and exciting world has to offer me. But let’s get real, I also love maintaining a healthy balanced diet. I understand the importance… Read more »

Sunshine Award

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One of my favorite things about blogging, aside from getting to share my journey with everyone, is meeting the other wonderful bloggers and creating friendships that extend beyond the interwebs and into real life friendships.  That’s something I’ve loved about the Blend Retreat every year and keeps me constantly excited for the following year. Well one of those beautiful ladies… Read more »

Fitness Friday & GPP Love

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I hope you’ve been enjoying the recaps from my weekend in Utah at the Blend Retreat.  In case you missed them, you can check out what we did, what we ate, why I went, and the amazing people and companies behind the retreat.  If you’re sick of hearing me talk about it, well I don’t really have anything else to… Read more »

Blend: WHY

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I can recap what we did. I can recap what we ate. I can try to thank the beautiful ladies who planned the whole weekend. And I can show my appreciation to the companies and sponsors to made it happen. But I can’t quite explain what this weekend means to me.  I can’t quite explain how even some of the… Read more »

WIAW @ Blend

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One of the greatest things about healthy living retreats is that you know you’re going to eat well.  When you’re surrounded by healthy living enthusiasts and food bloggers, the food can’t disappoint and thankfully, it did not.   Let’s back up a bit…that cocktail party. Knowing we had a delicious dinner on the way, I didn’t want to eat too… Read more »

Blend: HOW

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We watched the price of flights fluctuate knowing it would be the biggest expense of this weekend.  I kid you not.  This is thanks to the companies who allow for this event to take place and keep the ticket and lodging costs down.  And since I know this weekend couldn’t be possible without some amazing people, it doesn’t feel right… Read more »