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Boston Run To Remember ½ Marathon Recap

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures, maybe read the news, or at least got a glimpse into the possibility of what happened Sunday morning when I set out to complete my third half marathon. But before we jump to the outcome, let’s back up a bit.   Saturday was Expo day… Read more »

Boston & Blue October

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I swear every time I leave Boston, I leave a piece of my heart there. That city has a way of getting to my core that I didn’t know was possible. I’m sure I’m meant to move back someday and that makes me eternally happy and excited. My flight from Chicago left bright and early last Monday morning at 6am… Read more »

Marathon Runner

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Man I love finding new music!  I can’t put into words the joy that new good music brings to me. Even if it’s not new new, but new to me – it’s just as much a beautiful thing. It doesn’t matter if someone recommends it, I hear it on the radio or discover it on my own, as long as… Read more »

Today I Breathe

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  Take a breath. Exhale. Take a breath. Relax. Take a breath. And breathe. And if you’re in Boston, if you’re in the US, if you’re anywhere around the world who’s been watching, praying, loving, sending thoughts, I hope you slept easy last night.  I hope you were able to relax a bit.  I hope you take a moment to… Read more »

Fitness Friday / Something That Scares You

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Yesterday was my day “off” – I put that in quotes because I still went in to work for a couple hours.  I used that certificate I worked so hard to get back in November but haven’t really used…oh yeah, remember that? 😉 Anyway, it’s been a tough week.  Weird work schedule, emotional roller coaster post-Boston Marathon attack, and ever-so-humbling… Read more »

Thursday Thoughts: Boston

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I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I’m still trying to process everything after Monday.  I have so many thoughts running through and I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that it was Boston; it was my old neighborhood; it was streets that I walked every single day during college; streets that I walked… Read more »

Today I Run.

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Today we change our plans. Today I forgo my originally planned post. Today I change my originally scheduled workout.   Today I run.     Today I run for those who can’t. Today I run for those who lost their lives; I run for those who were injured. Today I run for those who worked hard training for yesterday’s marathon;… Read more »