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WIAW / Party Eats

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Happy Wednesday! I saw this on the internet somewhere the other day and thought it was funny.  I’m definitely not shoe crazy (unless we’re talking running shoes), it still gave me a good chuckle and I can think of a few different people who might agree with this statement. 😉 I also want to make sure to share what I’m… Read more »

WIAW // Chipped Tooth

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I chipped my tooth yesterday.  No freakin’ joke; I chipped it on my way to work while chewing gum.  It was a major bummer and seeing as I have the BIGGEST fear and anxiety over going to the dentist, I’m sure you can just imagine how upset I am over this.  And yes I know, this is where someone should… Read more »

What I Ate (& Would Like to Eat More Of)

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Happy Halloween!!   Some may call me lame, but I didn’t dress up – though I’ll be honest, I thought about showing up to work in my old Starbucks uniform (to a non-Starbucks coffee shop).  Teehee…I’m funny. 😉 But since it’s Wednesday, it’s another day to share my wonderful eats from the week.  And boy oh boy, did I have… Read more »

What I Ate Wednesday / Something New to Try

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Happy Hump Day!  Feels good to know you’re half way through the work week doesn’t it?  Well, unless you’re like me and have an ever-changing schedule.  Today is like my Friday, but one of those Friday’s where you’re only off Saturday and have to work on Sunday.  Yes I know that didn’t make sense. It’s a good thing it’s What… Read more »

Foodie for a Day // Lemon Blueberry Protein Pancake

I promised you a recipe over the weekend.  But more than any recipe, I promised you this recipe. I got the inspiration for this recipe from a Cherry Pancake recipe I found online.  My initial plan was to make cherry berry pancakes using the Cheribundi juice I have left from BLEND.  Well as I thought more about it and started… Read more »

Bright and Early

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Saturday started bright and early but before we made our way anywhere, I knew I was going to need some fuel.  Thank goodness there was a coffee pot in our cabin and I was able to make a small cup of coffee and snag a granola bar from my swag bag to get me going. We then made our way… Read more »

Foodie for a Day // Baking Craving

Not BACON Craving…BAKING craving… I’ve had this urge to bake for a few weeks now.  I attempted a bread last week that while good, wasn’t phenomenal so I didn’t share.  I ate it, but I didn’t share.  (Aside from a couple pieces to Amy.)  It clearly wasn’t enough to curb my baking craving as it’s still been hitting strong all… Read more »