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Getting in the Christmas Spirit

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Was anyone else snowed in this weekend? Or maybe you went walking in a winter wonderland? Maybe you’re hating my musical analogies and I should just stop? But seriously, this was a snow filled weekend in west Michigan! I worked Saturday morning and let me tell you, that drive was not fun! The plows had been out but it almost… Read more »

Christmas In Dixie

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In years past I know I have shared a few of my favorite holiday songs for Music Monday in the weeks leading up to Christmas. I didn’t do that this year but as I sat down to write this post, there wasn’t anything really sticking out to me. Aside from Christmas music, that is. You see I’ve been listening to… Read more »

Holiday Gift Guide Round Up

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    That was part of Sunday’s food prep – veggies for shrimp fried rice that I could eat for dinner throughout the week. I had some Sunday night, a smaller portion Monday night (with no shrimp since I didn’t have very many but topped with a runny egg), and have the rest to bring to work for dinner on… Read more »

Fitness Gift Guide

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In lieu of a formal Fitness Friday this week, I’m continuing with the gift guide theme and today we’re talking gifts for all of the fitness fanatics in your life or those looking to pick up a healthier, more active lifestyle in the new year. So what’s on my fitness gift guide? I’m glad you asked… 1 – Yoga Mat I’m… Read more »

White Elephant Gift Guide

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I am having a busy busy week! Work is insane as our offices are attached to the company fulfillment center and with orders coming in like crazy, the office team has been bobbing back and forth between the two. I’m not complaining, but it has made for long days, shorter evenings and bed time as soon as I can make… Read more »

Music Gift Guide

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While I had to work on Friday, we did get the opportunity to work from home. I’ve never been a Black Friday shopper, so I didn’t mind having to work vs being out shopping, but it was definitely nice to stay home and avoid any of the extra traffic from busy shoppers. The only downside really being that I didn’t… Read more »

Merry Christmas!

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