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10 minute Medicine Ball Circuit

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First and foremost, I want to start by saying that it’s been way too long since I shared a new workout for you all. I’ve been in the land of Tone It Up circuits, hot yoga and running that it just slipped my mind. I’m sure on some level you all aren’t complaining… 😉 Lucky for you and me, I… Read more »

Trainer’s Tip Thursday / Stability Ball Toner

I lied.  On Friday, I said I was going to share my new Deck of Cards workout with you all today but after creating and completing this Stability Ball Toner workout on Sunday and absolutely loving it, I just had to change things around and share this today! This is a workout you can do at the gym or at… Read more »

Trainer’s Tip: TIU Variation

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I figured it was about time for another Trainer’s Tip! One of my favorite things about training for this 1/2 marathon is that I haven’t had to THINK about my workouts for the most part.  It’s kind of nice sometimes.  Sunday was one of those days where I was scheduled for ‘strength’ but I still didn’t want to even figure… Read more »

Trainer’s Tip Thursday / 20 Minute Circuit

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I’m starting something new this week. It won’t be every week but I’m putting that NASM certification to work by sharing my knowledge, workouts or whatever else I feel necessary.  This week, I want to share an awesome arms & abs circuit I did a couple weeks ago.  And better yet, it only took about 20 minutes! The great thing… Read more »