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Lonely Life by City and Colour

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My original plan today was to share one song but as we all know, life happens and sometimes we have to change plans, or in this instance, schedules. The artist is the same but the song is very different. From one about love to one about love lost. The interesting thing when you’re a blogger and putting your life out… Read more »

Music Monday / City and Colour – Pt 2

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I’m having a hard time getting started this morning.  It was such an awesome and fun weekend and I’m exhausted!  I know today will include lots of coffee to get me through but it was all worth it!! I’ll fill you in on the fun tomorrow but for now I want to talk music.  Several weeks ago, I talked about… Read more »

Music Monday – “The Girl”

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This isn’t a new song.  In fact it’s not even a new to me song.  Chances are it’s not a new to you song either.     But it’s one of those songs that needs to constantly be reintroduced into our lives because it’s so beautiful.   I sat outside yesterday afternoon listening to this song as the sun shone… Read more »