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A Long and Fun Weekend

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If I were one of those bloggers who apologized for not blogging, then right now I’d be apologizing but seeing as I was away from the blog because I was busy living LIFE, living in the moment and treating myself, that’s not happening. No apologies here. In fact what I will say, is that I hope each and every one… Read more »


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I’m still living in the summer of country music. I switch it up from time to time but some days, I just can’t get enough. I know country is either loved or hated so for some of you, this just won’t be your thing but for others, you may enjoy this…so give it a shot.   This week I’ve been… Read more »

Turn the Radio Up, Roll the Windows Down…

And turn the radio up Roll the windows down She got a full tank of gas Ain’t no stopping her now I’ve mentioned this before but I grew up listening to country. That was all that my dad would listen to so any time he was driving us around, you could bet that’s what was on the radio. I’ve gone… Read more »

We Were Us

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It’s been a crazy and busy weekend filled with lots of this: And since our internet isn’t getting set up until tomorrow, I made sure to spend some of my final moments with internet preparing this post for you.  You’re welcome. 🙂   Saturday night I was driving around crabby really for no reason at all but I was crabby… Read more »