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Why I Signed Up For The CrossFit Open

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If you’re not into CrossFit, I’m sure you’re already sick of hearing about the Open but hopefully not because today I want to talk about why I decided to sign up. I started CrossFit in May of 2014. I’d been following it for awhile, reading blogs of people who did CrossFit and had several friends who were really into it… Read more »

Fitness Friday #7

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TGIF! Who’s with me? It’s been another long week where I was hopeful for rest that never saw the light of day. But I got some time on the beach early this week, so really, who am I to complain? These last couple of weeks though have been a reminder for me to dig deep, find my courage and keep… Read more »

Week of Workouts + #FitnessFriday 6 Linkup

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Is it okay to start this post with a request for positive, happy vibes, prayers, or whatever you believe? Because while I understand that nothing worth fighting for is easy, it’s been a rough week and we’re in need of all of the happy thoughts we can get. <3 Anyway, regardless of coming off the 5 event week for 50… Read more »

Workout With a Water Jug & Fitness Friday #2

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Thank you to everyone for all of their support I received on yesterday’s post. It was definitely one that needed to be written, maybe more for myself than anything else but it felt good to get it out there. Today’s Fitness Friday quote really rings true for me. Maybe it’s my stubborn tendencies or maybe it’s my drive to make… Read more »

The Return of Fitness Friday! (And it’s better than ever!)

How many people have fitness or health related New Years resolutions or goals? You saw mine yesterday and while I love staying active, I know for many people it can be a struggle to stay motivated or accountable to their workouts. While I share my week of fitness on the blog every Friday, I used to call it Fitness Friday… Read more »

Two Kick-Your Butt Hotel WODs

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After 2 really tough WODs Wednesday and Thursday last week, I was more than ready for Friday’s rest day. We had an 8-hour drive from West Virginia to Delaware so it wasn’t the most ideal situation for recovery but at the same time, it felt nice to just sit. Little did I know Saturday’s event was going to be another… Read more »

Some Event WODs That Have Kicked My Butt

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This is our busiest week yet, at least event wise with 50 States. We have 4 events this week and with some shorter turn-around time but I assure you, we’re not complaining. Aside from making a huge impact for our charity, we’ve also been able to get in a couple really awesome workouts! We have today off and will spend… Read more »