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Weekly Workout Check-in

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I can’t believe how quick this week went, but let me assure you…I am NOT complaining. I’m looking forward to the weekend ahead with a mix of time with friends, running and relaxation. The best balance as far as I’m concerned. It’s been nice getting back into my fitness this week after being sick all weekend. I’m so thankful that… Read more »

The Unexpected Benefit of CrossFit

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I’m going to be honest here (not that I ever try not to be), I’ve always been very self-conscious of my legs…or at least for as long as I can remember. Not that I’ve ever really had a reason to be, they’ve just always felt like one of my “trouble” areas. Not because they’re see-through (aka super pale 😉 )… Read more »


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Who’s excited that it’s Friday?!  THIS GIRL!!   I’ve got a few plans with friends this weekend that I’m looking forward to and maybe even a little more time snuggling with my new little nephew and hanging out with the new mama. Despite it being a Friday, I’ve got a long to-do list so let’s make this quick and get… Read more »

Progress, NOT Perfection

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I have a slight problem…I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I’m constantly working to break myself of that but it’s hard, so when I don’t get something right away, mess up or feel like I’m failing especially at something I’m working really hard at, there’s definitely an internal struggle. It’s because of that struggle though that when I get something,… Read more »

That Time I Dropped a Barbell On Myself

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It’s rare for me to post more than once in a day, but this is one of those posts that I feel loses impact if not posted in a timely fashion. I dropped a barbell on myself this morning. Before you start freaking out, I’m not hurt. There may be a slight bruise but more than anything, it’s just my… Read more »

That Week I Need Extra Rest

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Wednesday night I made my way into the city for a work event, grabbing dinner with a friend and then making our way over to a party for an artist who just finished up their campaign through Pledge. When I met him a few weeks ago, he was so excited to find out there’s a local Chicago rep and asked… Read more »

Christmas in July @ CrossFit AMRAP

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This is a CrossFit heavy week for me. My box is having our own in-house competition that’s called the Reindeer Games – Christmas in July. It wasn’t my plan to come everyday but apparently my inner athlete and inner competitor is coming out this week and there’s no backing down. To make it better (or worse?) after 3 days of… Read more »