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Music Monday // Tallest Man On Earth

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I love when people tell me about new music.  Music that I need to hear because they think I’ll really enjoy it.  Generally, they’re right. The other day my friend came to me and said “I need you to hear this band!  I really think you’ll like them.”  She pulls up YouTube and starts playing a few songs.  She was… Read more »


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This was my view most of yesterday: I seem to have tweaked my back but don’t ask me how; I’m not sure but at some point between getting out of bed and getting out of the shower something went horribly wrong.  I left work early because pain medication wasn’t helping and I was getting light headed at times. All I… Read more »

Music Monday: The Lumineers // Self-Titled Album

I wanted to write a long post breaking down my completely 100 percent honest opinion about this album.  Someday maybe I still will; maybe this is it.  The problem I’m facing is that while I’m over the move from indie manager to more mainstream management and I’m happy the band has been able to achieve success based on the momentum… Read more »

Music Monday

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A slightly weird yet kind of cool video. An amazing song. A band that I MUST see live.   The band: Of Monsters and Men. The song: Little Talks The video:   Making it quick as I’m running out the door.  It’s a busy week for work!