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Fall Bucket List – COMPLETED!

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Do you remember when I made my Fall Bucket List?   While it’s still technically fall, it’s feeling more like winter each day; snow has appeared even in the smallest amounts, December is just a few days away and the holiday season is in full swing.  To me, it may as well be winter especially since I completed my bucket… Read more »

Chunky Crockpot Applesauce

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Is it crazy that I find myself the most productive when I’m at my busiest?  And apparently it’s also when I’m my most creative and inspired (at least in the kitchen!). On Tuesday, I ended up having to stay a bit later at work and was asked to come in on Wednesday, which was previously listed as a day off. … Read more »

What I Ate Wednesday // Breaking Away From the Usual

I don’t know if I woke up feeling refreshed and renewed or just had an urge to break from my usual eats, but Friday was a day where this creature of habit changed things up!  I’m excited to share this day of delicious and fun eats with you all. So here’s What I Ate Wednesday Friday! 😉 Breakfast: I decided… Read more »

Day Off

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As far as I’m concerned, there’s two ways this post could go – (1) me diving deep into some thought or idea that’s sparked my interest or (2) me keeping it low key, enjoying my day off and long run, and sprinkle in some studying. I’m choosing option 2 because sometimes my brain needs a rest as much as my… Read more »

Top Cool Weather Running Tips!

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Last weekend I set out for my weekend “long run” of 5 1/2 miles.  After the progress I’ve made over the last several weeks increasing my speed, distance and comfort with running (inside and outside), I didn’t expect 5 1/2 miles to be that difficult. It was the day of the Chicago Marathon and while I ran no wear near… Read more »

Fall 2012 Bucket List

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Ever since completing my Summer Bucket List, I started compiling a Fall Bucket List and I’ve been seeing them pop up all over the blogging world for the last couple weeks.  It’ s been hard to not post my list for you all, but I decided there was no better way to kick off the first day of Fall than… Read more »