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Fitness Friday #23 & The Day I Leave For Alaska

Everyone loves burpees, right? OK so maybe it’s more of a love/hate relationship…we hate doing them but love the results? Well this past week I decided to sign up for the BurpeesSuck.com June Burpee Challenge. You pick your athletic level and each day you complete the designated number of burpees…it goes up each day with a few rest days built… Read more »

Fitness Friday #22

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**It’s Friday night and this post was written so I’m publishing it but today there is no link up. Next week I will explain the course that my day took in more detail. For now, I ask you all to have a safe weekend.** I must admit something. Not like yesterday’s confession, but rather something I was feeling the other… Read more »

Fitness Friday #20

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I’m imagining things will be quiet around these parts this weekend as I and many of my fellow blogging buddies will be spending the weekend in Boulder, Colorado at the Blend Retreat. Obviously I’m super excited to be representing RxBar once again but also just excited to reconnect with some lovely friends this weekend! A photo posted by Lindsay Wright… Read more »

Fitness Friday 19

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I can’t believe we’re back to Friday and already a week into May? What is happening? I’ve spent the last week in Kansas and yesterday afternoon made the drive to Colorado where I’ll be for the next couple weeks. There’s so many things to be excited for in Colorado…my friend Tina coming to visit this weekend, meeting the ladies behind… Read more »

Fitness Friday #14

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It’s been a busy week. I guess that’s the normal now, isn’t it? I’ve spent the last 2 days in Vegas with events, RV issues and trying to find time to get things done and not totally stress out. Good luck, right? 😉 Anyway, this was the week of Open WOD 15.5…tire flips….rope climbs…double unders…and that was all one day!… Read more »

Fitness Friday #11

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I feel like I’m constantly saying “it’s been another busy week”…which I probably am because it feels like just when we think the weeks can’t get busier, they do. Does anyone else have that problem? Please tell me I’m not alone! The good news is that I’ve been able to get in several workouts to really kick my butt and… Read more »

Week of Workouts + #FitnessFriday 6 Linkup

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Is it okay to start this post with a request for positive, happy vibes, prayers, or whatever you believe? Because while I understand that nothing worth fighting for is easy, it’s been a rough week and we’re in need of all of the happy thoughts we can get. <3 Anyway, regardless of coming off the 5 event week for 50… Read more »