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TGI – Fitness Friday!

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Another busy week has come and gone and while I still have to get through the rest of today and a short Saturday shift, I’m so thankful the weekend is in reach.  TGIF, my friends!     I do my best to maintain a positive mindset and was so happy that despite the madness that was my work week, I… Read more »

Fitness Friday / 3-2-1

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Three things that happened: 1. Crick, crack, crack. That’s the sound of my joints as I was practicing yoga Wednesday night. 2. Hobble, hobble, hobble.  That’s what I looked like as I attempted to run Thursday afternoon.  Apparently, wearing a band-aid on your toe makes it hard to run (or walk).  Let’s just say there’s a reason there was no… Read more »

Fitness Friday // Achievements!

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Happy Friday! Err…Happy Fitness Friday! 😉 It’s been a great week of workouts and after last week’s attempt at getting on track with my 10k training plan, I was off again fairly quickly this week.  But I decided a back-to-back run Wednesday/Thursday was okay and got right back on track.  Done and done. Now most of you may not notice… Read more »