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Fitness Friday #41

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Dang, two leg days in one week sure is catching up with me! In the best way of course… 😉 But seriously, I am just LOVING my workouts right now. I’ve been feeling really strong and while sometimes I don’t feel like I push myself hard enough in my workouts when I’m by myself (versus when I’m with the group… Read more »

Fitness Friday #40

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TGIFF (Thank Goodness It’s Fitness Friday), am I right?! 😉 While I feel like I say this every week, it has been another crazy week around here as I continue that whole job hunt, work on this blog (content, design and growth), and some more personal stuff (some good, some not). Regardless, I’m looking forward to the weekend ahead with… Read more »

Fitness Friday #38

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This past week was a whirlwind. Between traveling to New York, my friend Tina’s wedding, seeing as many people as I possibly could when not being a bridesmaid, and traveling home, it’s been nonstop. I knew it was going to be a crazy weekend so I prepared for a few more rest days but as soon as I was back… Read more »

Fitness Friday #37

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I’m going to make this quick today as I’m writing you from New York, gearing up to be a bridesmaid for my dear friend’s wedding this weekend. After my flight was delayed an hour due to weather, I got my bag, made my way to the rental car and sat in terrible NYC traffic, missed the rehearsal but made it… Read more »

Fitness Friday #36

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This week was a real turning point for me as I finally feel like I’m starting to break out of my workout rut and finding the motivation to get back to it. I know a big part of that was due to joining my old gym again the other day. I had been thinking about re-joining or joining a cheaper… Read more »

20 Minute Row Sprint Workout

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I’ve said this numerous times before, I do really want to get back into CrossFit but until I have a source of income coming in again, I’m having a hard time justifying the cost. It’s a shame because now is the time when I have the flexibility in my schedule to make it to pretty much any class time and… Read more »

Fitness Friday #35

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While I don’t usually pick a theme for my Fitness Friday posts, this week I had a re-occurring message pop up: Yes, listen to your body. For the past few weeks I’ve had a really hard time motivating myself to workout at home. Since deciding to follow a 10k training plan to focus on my running again and give myself… Read more »