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5 Rules of Etiquette For Yoga

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A couple weeks ago I went to a class at my yoga studio and there was a girl who appeared new. Throughout class she would stop, stand or sit right on her mat, seeming unsure what to do or like she was really struggling. I felt bad, this was a tough and full class, with not as much time to… Read more »

Runner’s Strength Workout

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I am officially 3 weeks into my 25k training plan and it’s been going really well. It hasn’t been easy by any means, but it’s felt really good to get back into running longer distances consistently once again. When it comes to training for longer distances, it requires a balance in your workouts between running, strength work and mobility. Thankfully… Read more »

Lower Body Superset Triplet Workout

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A photo posted by Katie A (@iamkatiearnold) on Feb 4, 2016 at 4:48am PST While long walks and hot yoga have reigned supreme in my workouts lately, I have still been fitting in a few strength workouts here and there as feels good. (I’m still hoping for a run one of these days.) Today’s workout was one that I completed… Read more »

4 Must-Try Kettle Bell Workouts

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I’ve mentioned several times that I’m not currently working out in a formal gym, let alone a CrossFit box (sad day!) but that doesn’t mean I’m not getting in my workouts. My apartment complex has a small fitness center about the size of your average hotel gym and while they have the basics (i.e. treadmill and free weights), I really… Read more »

Anytime Abs

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I am still loving my workouts. Between running regularly and these FitStar app workouts, I wake up most mornings excited to get to the gym. And honestly, on the days I don’t, I’m usually just sore and the extra rest is a good idea, so I take it. But back to the workouts…on my off days from the FitStar app,… Read more »

The Ultimate Core Burner Workout

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As mentioned in yesterday’s video, my workouts lately have been primarily running and the FitBit Star personal trainer workouts but I do enjoy writing my own workouts so I’ve still been throwing a few in here and there. Today, I’m going to share this great core burner from Sunday’s workout. I paired it with a 2 mile semi-speed walk and… Read more »

2-4-6-8 Machine-Less Cardio, We Appreciate!

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Can I just start by saying, who knew y’all liked YouTube so much? 😉 Man, yesterday’s post got some real love and apparently you guys were excited to hear my real voice (vs whatever voice you’ve decided I have based on my writing). Well, I’ll keep up with those videos and we’ll just see where they go then, huh? Anyway,… Read more »