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Fitness Friday!

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Hello from the road! I hope you enjoyed reading Brittany’s tips for staying healthy while on the go yesterday!  We definitely have our fair share of snacks packed to get us through the few days of driving. I’m officially on my second week of the Hal Higdon Novice 10k training plan and it’s been going pretty well.  I’m hoping I can… Read more »

Fitness Friday // The Good & The Bad

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The good news is I’m sleeping again! At least a million times better than I was.  (Side note: I think I spoke too soon because after typing this up last night, I didn’t sleep.  fail.)  I think after getting the most important detail of how I’m getting me, my stuff and my car back home figured out, I was able to… Read more »

A New Training Plan

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I’m trying to get back into running.  Not that I ever really stopped but I haven’t been quite as consistent with my running and I would like to work at increasing my distance once again. I had a goal to run a 5k race this summer.  With money being tight and with a move on the horizon, I decided that… Read more »

What would you choose?

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I had a plan for today’s post and then as I was sitting on my couch trying to stay awake and trying not to allow this move to completely stress out every ounce of myself, I decided to change directions – to something fun! So here you have it, a little this or that health and fitness style. 1. Run/workout in… Read more »

Fitness Friday

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I had the pleasure of meeting Heather at the BLEND Retreat back in May and I immediately knew we were bound to be friends.  She’s super friendly, energetic and just all around awesome.  And if you found your way here today from her blog, Kiss My Broccoli, well then let me just say hello.  And if you’re reading here as… Read more »

My Initial Reaction

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Yesterday started the kick off of the Fit Mixer bootcamp.  You’ll have to excuse me as this is only the beginning of my talking about it.  The bootcamp goes on for 12 weeks and while I don’t plan to talk about it everyday, I do plan to check-in regularly.  This is for me as much as it is for you. … Read more »