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Fitness Friday #32

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I’m all for the high-intensity, sweat dripping workouts but I also enjoy adding in some lower impact activities like walking, yoga or hiking every now and again too. This was one of those weeks when there was a nice variety of the two, in part thanks to being in Hawaii and getting to spend my days near or at the… Read more »

Fitness Friday #31

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Aloha from Hawaii!  I’m sunburnt and already exhausted but having a blast and enjoying every moment. I’m excited for my family to come and for them to get to enjoy it with us. And while I’d like to think some beach WODs may happen at some point, we’ll see how much that actually happens…ha! But if I am jumping and… Read more »

Fitness Friday #26

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Between increased stress, decreased motivation and 4 days straight of driving through Canada, my workouts aren’t where I would have liked them to be this week. With that said, I still got in a couple of really great, sweat-dripping workouts. On top of that, I also made what I called “Road Trip Stop WODs” and would complete one round when… Read more »

Fitness Friday #25

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As you read this, I’m currently somewhere in Canada on the drive back from Alaska. I can’t wait to share more about my time there and while I’d love to make this longer, let’s get real…I’m writing this Thursday with 30 minutes before needing to be off to an appointment and then we hit the road! So for now, I… Read more »

Fitness Friday #24 (From ALASKA!)

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Happy Fitness Friday from Alaska! After 4 very long days of driving we made it to Wasilla, AK Tuesday afternoon. I was happy to finally have some time to play catch up after days of no work, no service (despite getting a small data plan), and just non-stop driving. There is so much to do but at the same time,… Read more »

Fitness Friday 19

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I can’t believe we’re back to Friday and already a week into May? What is happening? I’ve spent the last week in Kansas and yesterday afternoon made the drive to Colorado where I’ll be for the next couple weeks. There’s so many things to be excited for in Colorado…my friend Tina coming to visit this weekend, meeting the ladies behind… Read more »

Fitness Friday #18

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Thank you to everyone for your kind comments on yesterday’s post. As I mentioned, it wasn’t meant to be a pity party of any kind, but rather use the platform in which I’ve been given to share what’s going on and to share that not everyday is sunshine and butterflies, even if it that’s how it may come across from… Read more »