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How To Build A Mason Jar Salad

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I’m a bit of a meal prep junkie and honestly, as life seems to just get busier and busier, I become even more of one week by week. Over the weekend, my aunt asked me when my cookbook is coming out and I said “well, I just cook for one single lady and eat the same thing for a whole… Read more »

3 Things I Look For When Picking A Protein Powder

It’s known that I preach my love for my morning smoothies, regardless of the time of year, but especially during the warmer summer months, smoothies become even more of a key part of my diet and lifestyle. Thanks to Bob’s Red Mill and their plant based proteins, I’ll be enjoying plenty of smoothies all summer long. Nine times out of… Read more »

Healthy Day Tracker & Meal Planning Sheet

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There’s a lot of controversy over whether or not we should track our meals or if it has a tendency to cause obsession. While I agree it may not be the best solution for everyone, I do believe there is a time and a place (see my post about what and why I track here) but there are also certain… Read more »

Easy & Healthy Dinners for One (or Two) – A Roundup

I’m known to be a bit lazy when it comes to cooking dinner. I enjoy cooking and spending time in the kitchen but after a long day at the office, all I want to do is go home, throw on my sweats, and plop my butt on the couch to watch more Gilmore Girls or some other Netflix or Amazon… Read more »

THREE Go-To Meals When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking

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Can we start with some quick business? A photo posted by Katie A (@iamkatiearnold) on Feb 1, 2016 at 10:51am PST Since I’m working on actually getting a legit newsletter together for the blog, I figured I should transition the RSS emails over to my email provider as well. If you’re currently signed up for post emails please don’t be… Read more »

4 Must-Have Snacks for Easy, Last-Minute Entertaining

I should admit that it’s almost a relief that it’s Sunday. Not because I am in any kind of rush for my weekend to end (I assure you, I am not!) but more so, I have spent the entire weekend thinking it was Sunday and as such, feeling all sorts of disoriented. The holiday decorations came down, minus one string… Read more »

Cooking Again

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After weeks upon weeks upon weeks of feeling less than motivated in the kitchen, it’s been nice to start cooking a bit more this past week.  Have I still eaten a lot of my usual eats? Of course, english muffins and garbage bowl salads are some of my favorite things, but it’s important to change things up once and awhile…. Read more »