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Fitness Friday #18

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Thank you to everyone for your kind comments on yesterday’s post. As I mentioned, it wasn’t meant to be a pity party of any kind, but rather use the platform in which I’ve been given to share what’s going on and to share that not everyday is sunshine and butterflies, even if it that’s how it may come across from… Read more »

Fitness Friday #12 & Using That Inner Passion

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Wouldn’t you agree? Every day that I’m feeling stuck or frustrated or at a loss of what’s next or how to make the 50 States project grow, I am reminded of my passion for this project and I use every ounce of that passion to get through the harder days. I know that when all is said and done, it’s… Read more »

Fitness Friday #11

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I feel like I’m constantly saying “it’s been another busy week”…which I probably am because it feels like just when we think the weeks can’t get busier, they do. Does anyone else have that problem? Please tell me I’m not alone! The good news is that I’ve been able to get in several workouts to really kick my butt and… Read more »

Week of Workouts + #FitnessFriday 6 Linkup

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Is it okay to start this post with a request for positive, happy vibes, prayers, or whatever you believe? Because while I understand that nothing worth fighting for is easy, it’s been a rough week and we’re in need of all of the happy thoughts we can get. <3 Anyway, regardless of coming off the 5 event week for 50… Read more »

Walking For Fitness

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I know things have been a little quieter around these parts this week and while I would have loved to have popped in sooner, it just wasn’t going to happen. Sam was sick this past week so with 50 States events and driving all getting done by me so she could rest, I just didn’t really have time for anything… Read more »

The Week When I’ve Been Able to CrossFit

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Don’t you just love that quote? It’s so spot on! While I’m in no way perfect, I know that my mentality has a huge affect on everything else around me and that when I brush things off and just stay in a happy place, then everything else is easier. It’s that whole energy we put out there, is the energy… Read more »

The Return of Fitness Friday! (And it’s better than ever!)

How many people have fitness or health related New Years resolutions or goals? You saw mine yesterday and while I love staying active, I know for many people it can be a struggle to stay motivated or accountable to their workouts. While I share my week of fitness on the blog every Friday, I used to call it Fitness Friday… Read more »