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Fitness Friday

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Who’s excited it’s Friday? Who’s looking forward to a long weekend? ME! ME! ME! ME!   I’m not working any less next week but I am looking forward to having Sunday and Monday completely off work to veg out, rest and recuperate from some pretty crazy weeks. Regardless of a busy week, I still found time to get in my… Read more »

Fitness Friday

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It’s been quite the week.  Despite a rough race over the weekend, I’ve made a comeback with my running this week.  There were a few more challenging runs but I was able to push through and I’m really happy with my mileage this week.  I’m working towards some big things but I’ll share that later. 😉     For now,… Read more »

Fitness Friday

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I should admit I’m torn.  While I’m happy it’s almost the weekend, I’m sad to see my week coming to an end. I’ve had the house to myself this week and it’s been nice to chill out and feel like I have my own space for a bit.   Anyway, I’m gearing up for a race this weekend so it’s… Read more »

Fitness Friday!

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Did everyone have a good 4th?  Mine was definitely nice with a trip to the gym, coffee and a pedicure with my sister, and Mexican food with margaritas with the fam for dinner.  We know how to celebrate in style! 😉   Regardless, it was nice.  I’m house/dog-sitting this weekend and as soon as I schedule this post, I’m off… Read more »

Fitness Friday – Love Your Abs

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Okay, first of all, how did no one notice this last week?  Did you still not notice? Someone get me (and maybe you!) another cup of coffee…we’re LONG past August…! 😉 Second, can you believe it’s officially FEBRUARY?!  January seemed to fly by for me, which was both good and bad I guess.  I’m definitely still working towards living my… Read more »

Fitness Friday / Pretty Muddy Discount Code

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Am I right or what? This week has kicked my butt.  Scratch that.  Work has kicked my butt.  Not in it being hard or busy but it being hard on my mentality and well-being.  My chiropractor adjustments can hardly keep up.  I’m trying to fix this and release the stress that it places on my body physically and mentally.  I’ll… Read more »


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Do you remember my commitment? Do you remember one of my fitness goals for 2013? Consider me committed! That’s right.  I’ve officially signed up for my first 1/2 marathon – the 2013 Lincoln Presidential 1/2 Marathon in Springfield, IL April 6th – 4 days before my 26th birthday!   2013 is going to be a big year for me –… Read more »