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Paleo Pumpkin Bread from Simple Mills & A Giveaway!

Welcome to Pumpkin Week 2015!!  (We will resume regularly scheduled Music Monday programming next week…) 😉  In case you missed last week’s announcement, here’s a bit about Pumpkin Week: Join 6 awesome bloggers as we share pumpkin recipes on our blogs and social media for one pumpkin-y week ending in a giant pumpkin recipe link-up on Friday!  Lovely co-hosts:  Amanda from… Read more »

TLSM Turns 4 + Giveaway!

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4 years ago I was living in a studio apartment in Los Angeles. I had just left my full-time job working in the music industry and increased my hours working at Apple in order to focus more of my time and attention on a band that I felt was at a tipping point in the industry. (I was right.) I… Read more »

AMRAP Bars (+ Giveaway)!

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For some reason I thought things would get simpler when I only had to focus on planning 50 States…hah! Was I ever mistaken! After a busy (and fun) weekend, I was excited to buckle down and really get my hands into planning. But my day yesterday had me running all over the place and even after a great meeting with… Read more »

Great Mail Lately (+ Quest Bar Giveaway!)

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  I have to admit, I’ve been getting some pretty awesome mail lately! Granted, I’ve purchased a few things for myself…ahem-retailtherapy-ahem, but I’ve also had a lot of mail sent my way lately. Take a look at this! 1 – Blue Diamond was so sweet and sent me some almonds as a part of their summer campaign. Look for a… Read more »

Planning to Get Muddy!

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Happy Friday, friends!    I’m feeling particularly excited today, and it’s not because I’ll be spending my morning sitting at/working from the VW dealership while my car gets it’s 40,000 mile check-up. Oh Betty, she’s growing up so fast! 😉 But really, I am excited for today. I’ve got a show to go to tonight, an awesome campaign launching and… Read more »

Fitness Friday {Giveaway!}

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I’m so excited for today.  Not just because it’s Friday. Not just because it’s Fitness Friday.     Not just because it’s this lovely lady’s birthday (Happy Birthday Mom!). Not just because I have some fun things planned for my weekend.  Not just because my first week at my new job was freaking amazing. Not just because I’ve spent the… Read more »

Things I’m Loving Lately

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-I bought this new shampoo a few weeks ago and oh.em.gee. I LOVE it! Not only does it smell amazing but leaves my hair feeling nourished.  I consider this especially important because my hair gets quite the tousling while looking so fabulous. 😉 -After the Boston Marathon bombings, I ran across this tank top on Etsy and with proceeds going… Read more »