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Sugar Free Oatmeal Pies

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I am so excited to introduce you guys to my friend, Brittany! She’s here today to share a great recipe from her new sugar-free cookbook so let’s just get to it! Did you know that the average American breakfast can have anywhere from 10-55 grams of sugar or artificial sweeteners in it? Think about what you normally have for breakfast:… Read more »

Butternut Squash Soup [Recipe]

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I work in a freezer. Okay, maybe not an actual freezer, but I know I have mentioned on a few occasions that my office is c.o.l.d. I officially have 3 blankets, 1 hooded sweatshirt and 1 pair of fingerless gloves and will likely soon bring my heating pad in too (though I want this one!). A discussion with coworkers began… Read more »

6 Vegetarian Pizzas You Need To Try NOW

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If celebrating COOKIE Month wasn’t enough, this week we are celebrating National Pizza & Vegetarian month! Don’t you love these crazy “holidays” that give us an excuse to throw a little celebration? If you ask me, I will take any excused to indulge in pizza and cookies, so this is my kind of month! To help with the celebration, I… Read more »

Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Mac & Cheese

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This recipe originated after a break-up when I found myself reaching for more convenient (and unfortunately) less-nutrient filled meals and I knew I couldn’t keep that up. I needed something that was super easy, super delicious and that was made for a girl like me (food allergies and all)! This Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese is amazing! I… Read more »

My Top 3 Tips For Going Gluten-Free

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I realized I never really shared what happened with the 30 Day Gluten-Free Challenge so I figured I’d share more details about that, where things are now and my top tips for anyone wanting to try going gluten-free.   As you may remember, I went to Boston for work back in November. I talked about the accidental gluten I ate… Read more »

Roasted Tomato Veggie Soup (Recipe!)

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Being sick this week has meant forced rest. I don’t just mean skipping several workouts, but in general trying to take a slower approach to rest my body and my mind. To find comfort in a place of quiet and relaxation, something that if you know me is far from easy. It’s meant a week of lots of tea, vitamin… Read more »

GF in Boston

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As we all know, last week I was in Boston wishing I still lived there for work. This was going to be my first time traveling gluten-free but I tried to plan ahead with my airport food + snacks for the week and hoped it wouldn’t be too bad. And for the most part it wasn’t.  Let’s take a look… Read more »