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December 2016 Goals

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I seriously can not believe how quickly this year has flown by. It’s been a rough year in a lot of ways, but also a year filled with a ton of growth, so I’m not really complaining but I will admit that I’m looking forward to 2016 coming to a close and 2017 bringing in a new light and hopefully… Read more »

November 2016 Goals

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I can hardly believe how quickly this year is going by. How are we already talking about my goals for NOVEMBER?! Wasn’t it just June? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not actually complaining about it. As I’ve mentioned numerous times, I absolutely love fall, I’m quite excited about the new apartment I’ll be moving into soon, and I have so… Read more »

October 2016 Goals

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The day has arrived! …the day to share my October goals, that is! 😉 Okay, okay, so maybe it isn’t exactly the day you all have been waiting for, but I love this time each month where I am able to reflect on the past month, think ahead to the new month and really set the pace and tone for… Read more »

April 2016 Goals

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A new month means new goals but before we get onto those, let’s take a minute to look back on my goals from March and see how I did! Handwritten Letter to a Friend – check! Read ‘The Happiness Project’ – check! Strict Budget – fail… TLSM Blog Growth – Not as much as I would have liked but some…… Read more »

March 2016 Goals (And How I Did With February)

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Wait, how is it March already? Please tell me I’m not the only one who blinked and we were in a new month! Before I get to my goals for March, I want to look back on February goals and see how I did… 1. Write and publish my first e-book – CHECK! 2. Go to yoga at least 10x –… Read more »

My February goals: 2016

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Thank you to all (friends, family, fellow bloggers in FB groups, readers) for their kind words and support. Break ups are never easy but it’s always nice to know there are people all over the world ready to reach out and show their support, so thank you. Today I wanted to share my February goals but since I wasn’t really… Read more »

2016 GOALS: January

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I feel like you’re going to look at me, roll your eyes and go “Katie, everyone is sharing their goals right now, we get it, okay?” And you know what, I DO get it! But you know what else? Sometimes I think reading other people’s goals gives us ideas of goals we may want to achieve at some point or… Read more »