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A Half & Way Too Many Burpees (+ A New Workout!)

Let’s get real here for a second, it’s been such a roller coaster week – thank goodness it’s a short one! Since I was in Boston over the weekend, despite having a great time, I’ve felt like I’ve been playing catch up all week and didn’t get my weekend time to decompress. Add in a nice dose of work stress,… Read more »

BRTR Week 11 / CrossFit Week 1

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I have to admit, I’m feeling on top of the world with my workouts this week! I had 5 miles on the agenda for yesterday and while I could only push through 2, I knew it was because my body needed more time to recover from my workout the night before and I didn’t get down on myself about it…. Read more »

BRTR Training Week 5

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Who’s happy it’s FRIDAY?!   I must be honest, it’s been one heck of a week. From losing a friend, to a lot going on at work, and some crazy insomnia, I’m ready for the weekend. Monday got things off on the wrong foot and I’ve had a hard time getting myself back on track, for good reason though. The… Read more »

The Power Playlist

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Just because my 1/2 marathon went well, doesn’t mean it was easy.  We were asked not to wear headphones (so that we’d be aware of traffic and our surroundings) though many still did, myself included.  I had prepared myself that I may not be able to, but I also prepared myself should it seem like I could. I popped my… Read more »