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How To: Get Over Being Sick Faster

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Obviously, I’m not a doctor. Nor am I really in any position to give you medical advice. I work in the music industry and I discover and work with bands. They aren’t one and the same. But….BUT…I’ve been sick twice this season and while that still doesn’t make me any kind of expert, this is less about “do as I… Read more »

Fitness Friday Meets Blog Your Heart Out

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Today is Blog Your Heart Out Day.  What does that mean?  It means bloggers are coming together to raise awareness about heart disease – the #1 killer in women. This is an opportunity for us to take a deeper look at our diet, fitness levels and check in with our doctors.   I know when I started eating better, going… Read more »

Hitting the Reset Button

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I’m torn today.  Torn between wanting to write about what happened yesterday.  And torn between wanting to write about something totally different.  So I’m going to do both.   So let me just start by sending my thoughts and love out to those affected in yesterday’s shooting at the elementary school in Connecticut.  It’s honestly such a tragedy and I… Read more »


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I want to share something with you all today.  Something that I found really cool and interesting.  Hopefully you will too.   You see I was invited to attend an event Thursday night in my home town.  The event was a screening and after-party for a documentary called Doctored. Have you heard of it?   Regardless, I highly recommend checking… Read more »

Holiday Accountability

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Can you believe it’s December?!  November was a veeerryyyy busy month and I’m excited for what’s to come in December and there’s definitely no sign of it slowing down.  But I’m going to wait a few days before sharing just in case.  Don’t want to risk jinxing anything! Anyway, since it’s December and the holiday season is in full swing,… Read more »

What I Ate – And Sleep!!

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It’s so close I can taste it. It’s a good things it’s Wednesday and I’m sharing with you my eats or things might get a bit awkward around here. 😉 But in all seriousness – do you know where I am right now?!   Breakfast: Have I mentioned just how much I love season and weather changes? The cold air… Read more »

Fitness Friday // Achievements!

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Happy Friday! Err…Happy Fitness Friday! 😉 It’s been a great week of workouts and after last week’s attempt at getting on track with my 10k training plan, I was off again fairly quickly this week.  But I decided a back-to-back run Wednesday/Thursday was okay and got right back on track.  Done and done. Now most of you may not notice… Read more »