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Tuesday Ten

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1. Strength Training or Cardio? Strength!  Years ago this would have been an easy answer of cardio but strength training makes me feel strong (uh..duh!) But ultimately, I do know, understand and see the benefit of both, but strength is definitely a favorite right now! 2. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Breakfast…for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I’m totally a breakfast foodie. 😉… Read more »

Motivational Monday Sunday

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Work’s going well.  My coworkers are all really nice and I’m enjoying my time getting to know them and making coffee again.  It’s kind of crazy how steaming milk and pulling shots of espresso can be fun and in a way, relaxing.  And honestly, it’s also the extent of my social life lately so it’s no wonder I’m enjoying it…. Read more »

What would you choose?

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I had a plan for today’s post and then as I was sitting on my couch trying to stay awake and trying not to allow this move to completely stress out every ounce of myself, I decided to change directions – to something fun! So here you have it, a little this or that health and fitness style. 1. Run/workout in… Read more »

12 hours

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Apparently that’s how much sleep my body needed.  12 hours.  Apparently I’m still catching up from my 2.5 hour night earlier this week.  It’s a good thing I had no plans last night or this morning to be interrupted. When I got home from work last night I immediately started making a quick and delicious dinner.  After eating, I was… Read more »

Food for Thought

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This is my first time on muscle relaxers and I must tell you, they’re like freakin’ tranquilizers.  I take one and I’m out within 20 minutes and I’m not just out for 20 minutes, I’m out for a few hours.  I wake up for a few and then it’s lunch time so I eat, take another and I’m out for… Read more »

Calorie Counting

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I had a hard time keeping my eyes open yesterday.  I woke up, made breakfast and took a nap; I went to the doctor, made lunch, and took a nap; I had a snack, watched some Netflix, and took a nap.  Are we seeing a repeating pattern? The good news is I made it to the doctor yesterday and listened… Read more »

Fitness Friday // And the Unexpected Thursday

To anyone who follows me on Instagram, I apologize for any scare if and when you saw this: To anyone who doesn’t follow me on Instagram, it’s @ktyou and you should.  Instagram is fun!  And I promise not all of my pictures show an IV sticking out of my arm. But back to yesterday, I can’t explain what actually happened. … Read more »