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What I Ate This Week

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Now that we’ve been in the new place for about two weeks, there’s less boxes lying around and it’s starting to actually feel like home. We have internet, cable, a couch and chairs, things on the wall and one of the two cars is able to park in the garage.  It’s the little things, huh?   But what I’m the… Read more »

Fitness Friday

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I’m so happy it’s Friday, that I have clean carpets in my new townhouse, and that after I get off work today, I have plans with my coworker and new roommate to just hang out, relax and start unpacking.  It may not sound like that much fun to anyone else, but I’m definitely looking forward to the girl time.  … Read more »

Fitness Friday & An Awful Race Photo

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You’re in for a treat today…   Well, only if you consider a funny race picture a treat.  And I think you should because I can’t believe I’m posting this terrible thing on the internet… Thankfully, I can also back it up with a pretty good picture. These are from my 10k race last Sunday, which you’ve all read about…ha!… Read more »


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We’ve all heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you know what?  It’s no urban legend – it’s true!  And in all honesty, I’ve never been one to fight breakfast; I love it so much I often eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! 😉 But in all seriousness, it’s true – breakfast is an important… Read more »

Fitness Friday // A Rough Week & Positive Outlook

Can you believe it’s already March? Where did February go? It’s been one heck of a week leading up to today, so I should admit I’m welcoming March with open arms and as a chance to reset myself – physically and emotionally.   So why was it so challenging?   My workouts this week challenged me mentally and with a… Read more »

Fitness Friday Meets Blog Your Heart Out

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Today is Blog Your Heart Out Day.  What does that mean?  It means bloggers are coming together to raise awareness about heart disease – the #1 killer in women. This is an opportunity for us to take a deeper look at our diet, fitness levels and check in with our doctors.   I know when I started eating better, going… Read more »

Coconut Veggie Sliders

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Remember when I said I wasn’t going to participate in WIAW link-ups unless I thought I had something to contribute?  I have something to contribute.  In fact, I have a few things to contribute because you see, I’ve been changing up my eats, I’ve been cooking, I’ve been creating new recipes.  And lucky for you, I’m going to share!  We… Read more »