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Fitness Gift Guide

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In lieu of a formal Fitness Friday this week, I’m continuing with the gift guide theme and today we’re talking gifts for all of the fitness fanatics in your life or those looking to pick up a healthier, more active lifestyle in the new year. So what’s on my fitness gift guide? I’m glad you asked… 1 – Yoga Mat I’m… Read more »

5 Gifts for the Far-Away Friend

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As someone who has lived in multiple places, both far and wide, I have friends that are all over the country world. While many of us don’t exchange gifts, sometimes it’s fun to surprise a friend with a little reminder that you care, even if you’re miles apart. The hardest thing when gifting friends (or family) in far-away places is… Read more »

5 Gifts for the Music Fan // Ha Ha Tonka

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As you read this, I’m on a plane to Boston…well technically, I might be on a plane to Philly before catching my connecting flight that will bring to me Boston. I’m on a trip for work and I couldn’t be more excited to be on my way back to my favorite city. Seriously, I’ve recently realized Boston may hold it’s… Read more »

Run Run Reindeer

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…Santa’s gotta make it to town! After running the Color Run, I talked about the importance of play time. Because truly, I couldn’t believe how much fun I was having, I felt like a little kid just having fun playing. But I can’t tell you that I’ve had more than a few moments since when I really set aside that… Read more »

Music Monday Baking Flop!

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It’s almost Christmas; have you done your baking? It’s almost Christmas; have you decided what to wear? It’s almost Christmas; did you also have to go for your Plan B Plan C Plan D Plan E dessert option?  No? Just me…ah shoot. Here’s to hoping that after a little holiday Glugg, no one will know they’re made with store bought… Read more »

Christmas Survey!

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I’ve seen this Christmas Survey posted on a few blogs over the last couple of weeks and knew I wanted to do it too but also wanted to wait until we got a bit closer to Christmas to partake.  And thankfully I filled this out a couple weeks ago so it’d be more or less ready to go because right… Read more »

Throwback Thursday: Holiday Edition

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Is it just me or is this week flyyyyying by?  I swear I feel like I can hardly keep up.  Yesterday was the first of my Christmas baking days and there was a lot of baking! More on that later.   I thought it would be fun to partake in a little Throwback Thursday, Holiday Edition today.  None of these… Read more »