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Wherever Is Your Heart by Brandi Carlile

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How was everyone’s weekend? I spent mine visiting the boy which was quite nice. We watched a couple really good movies, brewed kombucha, bottled beer and slept in. I like to think I’m pretty easy to please and honestly a relaxing weekend is almost always what the doctor ordered. This weekend, that was exactly the case. But now we’re at… Read more »


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I’ll be honest, I’m writing this Sunday night after a great weekend with some of my blends (more on that another day), a 6 hour drive home from Iowa which brought me directly to a work “holiday” party.  I’m exhausted.  So exhausted that I’m going to write this up fairly quickly so I can get to bed and maybe sleep… Read more »

A Day of Nothing

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I fell asleep on my couch by 9pm last night.  Pretty sure that’s kind of sad but I guess I was just too tired and sleep was what I needed.  My body will just shut down when I need sleep, no matter how I feel about it.  Does that ever happen to you? I woke up this morning, threw my… Read more »

A New Home

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It’s amazing what a change in your living situation can do for you.  Living with the right person can take a city that you don’t really like and make it much more bearable.  Living with one of your best friends makes coming home after work fun, even if all you’re going to do is watch a movie, drink a beer,… Read more »