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Big Magic

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As a writer, a creative, an entrepreneur, my mind is always spinning. Always. I’m always thinking of new projects, new ideas, new words that I want or need to say, new desires and drives toward a particular impact that I’m trying to create. As you know, I’m also very health, fitness, and wellness minded; always working towards a healthier, happier… Read more »

Trust Tuesday

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I originally had a post planned for today but we’re going to push it back a bit because as I sat down to write it, I found myself feeling really unmotivated and uninspired. I learned a long time ago that if I’m not feeling a post when it’s time to write it, it’s best to push it back. Quality over… Read more »

Fear & Dreaming

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There’s a part of me that feels like I’m still playing catch up. That’s because I am. You see, I usually take most of Sunday’s to plan, prep and get myself ready for the week ahead. I also build in time to just sit, relax and maybe read a book with a little coffee. Sunday’s are my day and by… Read more »

My Personal Mission Statement

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Back in October (?) I had the opportunity to see Dr. Gilles LaMarche speak while attending an event with my chiro. Besides talking about his chiropractic story, he talked about the power of intention. While it was focused around chiropractic care, the lesson can be taken back and used in our daily lives. After the speech, he gave my chiro… Read more »

More Than A Number

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I’m going to start by saying this is NOT a sponsored post – there was no exchange of money or product or even an email – this is an INSPIRED post, one of those things I was just motivated to write and share, because I want to!   It was a few weeks ago when I was watching TV and… Read more »

Talk Less, Say More 2.0

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I began this blog nearly three years ago as a place to share my life, to find myself and to just see what happens. When I started writing, I didn’t know what that would look like. I was living in LA feeling like I was being dragged around, constantly surrounded by people all fighting for the same thing that wasn’t… Read more »

Go Go Fitness Friday!

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Go.Go.Go.Go.Go.Go.Go! That’s how my life is feeling lately. I’m not complaining, no said it’s a bad thing but it does mean I’m tired and ready for Sunday where the only thing on my agenda is hot yoga. Well…that and some local music radio shows in the evening. Like I said, go.go.go.go! 😉     Regardless, I’ve stayed active this week… Read more »