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Blazier Run

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I’m not exactly sure where to start.  It’s been quite the roller coaster weekend but I’m not complaining because without the dips we’d forget to appreciate the high moments in life.   And speaking of high moments, I ended up registering for that race I was talking about on Sunday, though I didn’t end up running there AND back like… Read more »

Dear Miss Lonelyhearts + Winners

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A few years ago while working in music, I had the pleasure of working on the Cold War Kids album Mine Is Yours.  I loved that album.  Despite the less-than-stellar reviews, I seriously loved that album.  As we got the pre-released, recently mixed and mastered versions, my ears were filled with happiness.  Maybe it was because I was deeply submerged… Read more »

Simple Moments

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There are moments in our lives that are so small but so precious. These are the moments that don’t happen nearly as often as you’d like and when they do, they usually go by in the blink of an eye. And while you could spend your moments wishing for more time, the better approach is to appreciate each moment you… Read more »

New band, New …

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Friends, readers, and all of you beautiful people out there – please please PLEASE always fill my email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever with good music to look out for.  It seriously makes me happy.   My co-worker and friend Jon shared a new band with me the other day called Frightened Rabbit. Have you heard of them? Me neither.  But… Read more »


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Thanks for all of the support on Saturday’s race! They posted a few photos from Saturday’s events and I thought you guys might recognize someone… I should start by admitting I’ve never been a big Rihanna fan; I could generally do without most of her music.  So before her performance at the Grammys a couple weeks ago, I wasn’t really… Read more »