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Healthy Snacking While Moving

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This is what my garage looks like right now… Actually, I’ll be honest, that photo was taken yesterday morning so I guarantee you, my garage looks worse right now. I’ll also admit, that’s only my side of the garage and as the resident OCD-crazy-organized one, my side is a bit easier on the eyes. 😉 In case you can’t tell,… Read more »

We Were Us

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It’s been a crazy and busy weekend filled with lots of this: And since our internet isn’t getting set up until tomorrow, I made sure to spend some of my final moments with internet preparing this post for you.  You’re welcome. 🙂   Saturday night I was driving around crabby really for no reason at all but I was crabby… Read more »

WIAW – Where I Am / What I Ate Wednesday

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As you’re reading this, there’s probably a few different things happening: 1 – Breakfast with the roomie at our favorite little divey breakfast place – S&W Diner.  This has been our birthday place this year, but it seemed fitting for our final morning. 2 – Scurrying around trying to pack any remaining things I realize are mine (I might have… Read more »


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On Sunday I thought it was Monday; on Monday I thought it was Tuesday, but now it’s actually Tuesday and tomorrow is a big day.  Tomorrow I’m only a few days short of my 3 year anniversary of living in LA.  Tomorrow I also walk away from the last three years and make the move towards the next step in… Read more »

What would you choose?

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I had a plan for today’s post and then as I was sitting on my couch trying to stay awake and trying not to allow this move to completely stress out every ounce of myself, I decided to change directions – to something fun! So here you have it, a little this or that health and fitness style. 1. Run/workout in… Read more »